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Learn Chinese Dialogue for Xi An, Hang Zhou, & Su Zhou

You can learn to speak Chinese while visiting some of the most amazing Chinese cities such as Xi An, Su Zhou, and Hang Zhou!  With a dialogue that not only provides Chinese characters but also Chinese PinYin, you can easily make the transition from English to Chinese as long as you already know the fundamentals of Chinese!  With an English to Chinese translation, you’ll find yourself exploring an entirely new world as you travel to China!

For those who want to know how to speak Chinese, you’ll be amazed with how much of the Chinese language that you’ll retain as you practice these dialogues in everyday situations!  Not only that, but you’ll be better able to communicate in Mandarin Chinese once you have a little background on the famous Terracotta Warriors, West Lake, Tiger Hill, and many other sites of historic importance!

Learning Chinese really becomes so much easier when you have a topic that you can discuss with native Chinese speakers! Since understanding Chinese culture is an important part of knowing how to communicate in Chinese, even if you never visit these fabulous destinations, everyone who wants to learn Mandarin Chinese should study topics that are central to Chinese history!  From starting a conversation to building long-term business relationships, learn to speak Mandarin Chinese in a way that shows Chinese that you care about the culture and history of China!

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