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Thank You in Chinese

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Thank You in Chinese

How do you say thank you in Chinese?  Well, if it’s Mandarin Chinese, then there are actually three different ways that you can answer this question.

thank you in Chinese

First, if you really want to know how to say thank you in Chinese, then you can simply say,  “Xiè xiè nĭ.”  The first two Chinese characters are pronounced “shee-eh” in PinYin, but are pronounced with the falling fourth tone.

With the fourth tone, you begin with a high pitch and then gradually fall over time to a low pitch.  (Much like the “oh” sound when you finally get something).  Then, the third character, which means you, is pronounced “knee,” but with the falling and then rising third tone.  Begin at normal pitch, lower the pitch, and then raise the pitch over time.  (For greater detail, see Chinese tones).

Thank You in Chinese: Thanks in Chinese

Second, for the simpler version to say thank you in Chinese (which is more like “thanks”), you can simply say,  “Xiè xiè.”  Here again, both characters are pronounced “shee-eh” and are pronounced with the falling fourth tone.  In this case, once you finish the first character, pause slightly so that you can begin again at the higher pitch and fall again.

thanks in Chinese

In this and the previous case, you are actually saying “thanks” two times in order to emphasize the magnitude of your gratitude.  By saying the Chinese character twice, you are stressing how much you mean what you have said.  In Chinese, it would be illogical to say thank you only once.

Thank You in Chinese Politely

Third, you will find that the polite version of saying thank you in Chinese is much like the first, extended version.  Begin with the same “Xiè xiè,”  but then on the end, instead of using “nĭ” you will instead replace this you with the more polite version, “nín.”

thank you in Chinese polite

In the third character, you will notice with Chinese languages that the top portion of the character is exactly the same as the more commonly used version of you.  Then, the bottom portion of the Chinese character showcases the addition of “xīn” which means heart.  So in learning Chinese, you can see that the more polite version of “you” includes the addition of the heart.

By the way, the more polite version is often used for addressing those that are older than you, more highly respected, or to whom you were just recently introduced.  (As you become more familiar with each other and they are relatively close in age, then you would probably switch to the more common version of you).

Now that you know how to say thank you in Chinese, please be sure to put these phrases into practice immediately!  The more you use these phrases, the easier they will be to remember!

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