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Learning language: English abroad

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Spain: a nation that “exports” English language students

Do you thin that study a language is a tough matter? Spanish scholars as well , and they decided to go to a British talking country for learning the language. Numbers never lie; in Spain, despite the crisis facing the country, it looks that the education of children in light of foreign languages is a priority for the Spanish families.

This is demonstrated by the increase of over 20% this years and because these information provinded by Education First, an international organization, shows that language courses have experienced a massive increase, like international travel.

The Boss of Education First, Eduardo Rubio, argued that they experienced a growth of 20 percentover last year in summer stays and language immersion programs abroad. The big conclusion is that r ooms and courses outside Spain have gone up significantly, more than 20%, in spite of the crisis facing the country. That may be a good signal for the Spanish foreign language data level, one of the worst in EU-27.

Student profiles and English language

Education First said that the profile of those who decide to make these trips for learning English are school youngsters with families who need to invest in their schooling. English language became one of the concerns in Spanish companies. Mastering a foreign language, like have been repeated by pros, will give folks a clear advantage in finding work in Spain and will open the doors of the foreign labor markets in Europe or America.

Why do Spanish folk want to learn a language and why English and not Chinese? English is the most spoken language all around the world as a foreign one, it’s spoken internationally, it is the language of Internet, universities, social nets and the language of today and tomorrow. United States speaks in English and now, it is a must more than a merit. None without English can find a good job.

BM Formacion Continua developes Cursos de Formacion para trabajadores (learning courses for workers) in Spain

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