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Want to learn Chinese—especially dialogue for the Chinese New Year or Mid Autumn Festival?  In this concise book, not only will you explore the Chinese New Year traditions and culture, but will learn valuable phrases, such as how to say, “Happy New Year!” in Chinese.  Since Chinese characters, Chinese PinYin, and two Chinese to English translations are available, learning Chinese has never been easier!

Chinese New Year

The thrill of experiencing a Chinese New Year celebration will seem to come to life as you learn about Chinese New Year foods, the Chinese New Year parade, Chinese New Year activities, Chinese New Year decorations, and OF COURSE, more than one Chinese New Year greeting!  Not only this, but as you devour Chinese New Year history and begin to understand special Chinese New Year symbols, you will be better equipped to learn Chinese conversation effectively.

Spending the Chinese New Year with friends and family far surpasses any of the experiences you have had previously!  With incredibly food, prepared with excellence by those who love you most, the taste and atmosphere is one that you will not soon forget!  Because each aspect of the celebration is completed with such excellence and in an atmosphere of celebration, one can truly enjoy every portion of the holiday!  Whether it’s the traditions that take place on the first and second days of the fifteen-day-long festival, or those that occur on the very last day, the traditions and memories are cherished and remembered throughout the year!  What a wonderful addition to Chinese life and culture!

Mid-Autumn Festival

Furthermore, the Chinese Mid Autumn Festival will broaden and enrich your understanding of Chinese culture to a level never before imagined!  From the reunion dinner to specialty moon cakes, you will find this holiday spurs you on to learn Chinese Mandarin with zest and zeal!

In beginning your conquest to learn Mandarin Chinese, be sure that your foundational skills of mastering tones and PinYin are already firmly established!  (If not, you can always review with Learn to Speak Chinese:  Beginning Mandarin Chinese for Native English Speakers).  Remember, in order to learn to speak Mandarin Chinese with excellence, you must be well prepared for your journey!


Good luck and God speed!

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