How to Learn Chinese Quickly

How to Learn Chinese Quickly


In order to learn Mandarin Chinese fast, you really need to “take the bull by the horns.”  I’m serious about this!  So much time is wasted by those who don’t now how to learn Chinese quickly.  If you can’t do that, you will not be happy with your progress, and more than likely will give up before you even get started!

Do yourself a favor and put enough initial effort into it so you can learn to speak Mandarin Chinese in a minimal amount of time!  In order to accomplish this, you need a few basic concepts on hand and then the work ethic to make it happen.  So, here are the beginning details if you want to know how to learn Chinese easily.


1. First, learn Chinese in English.  If you start off trying to learn Chinese directly from some course or from a tutor who has never had experience in teaching native English speakers, you are almost assuredly dooming yourself to failure!  If however, you are under the age of ten, it might be possible.  But, for the vast majority of people, we need someone (or some system) that can speak our language initially in order to guide us along the journey of studying Mandarin!


2. Second, learn Chinese at home.  The more you can bring the language into your home, the better prepared and more comfortable you will be with using the language.  For a few suggestions in creating this environment, see “How Can I Learn Mandarin Chinese Effectively?”


3. Third, learn the fundamentals of the Chinese language.  Too often, people think they can take an easy shortcut and still somehow reach their goal.  Let me tell you that with Chinese, this is nearly impossible!  Even if you think you have learned how to speak Chinese by taking some online shortcut, you will soon find that you become stagnant at some other level later on because you simply did not have the foundation to carry you through all levels of the language itself.  Don’t be fooled, when you learn how to speak Chinese online, be sure you have a teacher who emphasizes the fundamentals!


Now that you know how to learn Chinese quickly, be sure that you take steps toward this goal immediately!  Research shows that those who do not take action within the first five seconds of an idea, actually often forget the idea (and cannot recapture it)!  So at least take some type of action toward your goal!

I’m not saying that you have to take massive action—just the simple action of writing down what you have decided to do is often enough for you to then follow through on the next step.  Set yourself up for success:  learn Chinese in English, learn Chinese at home, and learn the fundamentals of the Chinese language inside and out!  With these vital components in place, you will be sure to reach your goal!

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