How to Learn Chinese in Five Minutes

How to Learn Chinese in Five Minutes:

The Real Deal, Not a Joke!


After several attempts online, I was so disappointed to see that people think they can learn Chinese in five minutes simply by looking at some bizarre template of Cantonese play-on-words farce!  In order to learn to speak Mandarin Chinese, you are going to need to be far better prepared than to only have the information on that sheet!

If you really want to know how to learn Chinese in five minutes, then you’re going to not only have to have a very strategic plan or set of lessons, but you will need intensive training during those five minutes!  Learn Mandarin Chinese fast by training for five minutes daily, but exposing yourself to the language during other times of the day.  Here’s what I mean.

  • Spend five minutes every single day practicing your
    • tones,
    • PinYin, and
    • basic grammar structure.
  • Spend at least twenty-five minutes of every day simply listening to the language—whether or not you understand what you hear!  Think about it.  Before you ever began to speak any language, you at least had the chance to hear it for several months or several years before you could start speaking it!  Why should it be any different now that you want to learn Mandarin Chinese?

If you have any hope of being proficient and truly have a desire to know how to learn Chinese in 5 minutes, they you must focus your time and energy in a manner that will get you some results!  Without giving yourself the environment for learning the language, you basically cut yourself off from the language, culture, and people who communicate in this language!

In order to learn Chinese in 5 minutes, you must commit to

  • training every day
  • focusing with great intensity during those brief, but precious five minutes!

Only under these conditions will you have any hope of making your effort and time worthwhile!  Remember, you want the real deal in how to learn Chinese in five minutes, not some joke that leaves you without any hope of every mastering the language!

By the way, if you’re looking for resources to fill your twenty-five minutes, take a look at How Can I Learn Mandarin Chinese Effectively?  and you’ll be amazed at how simple it can be to find the resources you need to catapult yourself to the next level in Mandarin!

If you’re interested in a learn Chinese pdf, you can download one rather simply.  Hopefully, you’ve been practicing your fundamentals and are ready for the next challenge in learning—mastering a few basic phrases.  Congratulations on making it this far in the learning process!  Never give up your dream to master this killer language!

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