How to Create the Right Environment for Learning Mandarin

How to Create the Right Environment

for Learning Chinese

If you want to learn Mandrin Chinese, then you need to know specifically what are the most important essentials to the language itself and your success.  Knowing how to create the right environment for learning Mandarin is vital to your success! You can only know how to learn Chinese quickly and efficiently when you purposefully focus on the most important factors to learning the Chinese language.

Since you already know which language to learn, Mandarin, you are well on your way to making the most essential steps a science that you can conquer.  By doing this, you will separate yourself from others and ensure that you know how to learn Chinese quickly!

While you can learn to speak Mandarin Chinese in a rather brief period of time, it will not happen without the daily discipline of practicing the most essential factors.  Once you have mastered both how to properly pronounce the four tones AND how to learn Chinese PinYin, then you can essentially know how to learn Chinese in five minutes a day!

The Fundamentals to Learning Chinese

Seem impossible?!  It’s not.  Once you know the basics, through your own discipline and hard work, you can learn to speak Mandarin Chinese.  Hopefully, you’ve already prepared for a few of the basic essentials that you’ll need.

  • Clear understanding of the tones
  • Ability to speak & differentiate the tones when listening
  • Clear understanding of the PinYin system
  • Ability to identify the PinYin sounds so you can properly navigate through the dictionary
  • An environment where you can listen and observe Chinese in action

If you’re reading this article, then you’ve probably already mastered the first four of the above principles and are simply looking for a way to create an environment where you can listen and observe Chinese in action.  Of course, you can purchase DVDs, CDs, and software that will help you to create the environment you’re looking for.

Creating the Learning Environment

But, if you want to know how to learn Mandarin Chinese for free, then I would seriously consider just a few of the following options.

  • Make friends with native Chinese speakers in your neighborhood
  • Volunteer to tutor high school foreign exchange students
  • Open your home to foreign exchange students from China through a local program
  • Visit your local library for free Chinese materials
  • Volunteer at a local adult school where English is taught as a second language
  • Watch some of the best lessons free on online
  • Legally download free mp3 Chinese lessons
  • Listen to the proper pronunciation of Chinese words through online dictionaries
  • Listen to free Chinese podcasts

With the proper environment, you will be able to effectively learn Mandarin Chinese to a level you never thought possible—all within a shorter time frame than was ever once possible due to the advances in technology over the last twenty years!  Instead of traveling to Beijing, you can now take a course via lessons online that will still allow you to have the proper Chinese pronunciation for which you have been dreaming!

By majoring on the essentials of the four tones and PinYin, you have set yourself apart from others and prepared yourself for success in the future!  Next will be the task of ensuring that you have truly mastered these basics is the fastest time possible and then beginning the journey of mastering the basic grammar structure of the Chinese language.  You can do that through many of the learn Chinese pdf documents that are available online or by selecting the right Chinese grammar text for you!

Best of luck to you as you persevere on your journey to learn Mandarin!

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