Chinese Phrases

Chinese Phrases Make Life Easier

As you’re just starting to learn the Chinese language, make life a little easier by practicing (and even committing to memory) some of the basic Chinese phrases. To get started, you might consider learning to speak the following Mandarin greetings:

Basic Chinese Phrases

Essential Chinese Phrases

Later, you might want to consider other Chinese phrases that are very versatile, but perhaps a little more complex. Yes, no, and how are you are useful Chinese phrases.

How are you? in Chinese

How are you in Chinese is not that different from saying Hello in Chinese, but you’ll need to add the 吗 (Chinese character for asking a question) after the phrase to complete it.

Yes in Chinese

Yes in Chinese is probably one of the most difficult phrases in Chinese because it is constantly changing! In order to say “yes,” you have to answer with the verb that was given in the question.

No in Chinese

No in Chinese is just slightly easier than yes in Chinese because you can often use either the English equivalent of “don’t want” or “don’t have.” As long as you know when to use which phrase, you can answer most questions very simply. But, a better understanding of the language will help you in replying with no by using “no” plus the verb that was used in asking the question.

Recap of Essential Chinese Phrases

These few phrases will get you started in learning Mandarin, but the more you practice them, the better you’ll be at speaking Chinese. Review these Chinese phrases regularly so you have a good handle on beginning to speak Chinese. For an entire list of videos that will include more complicated phrases, check out more Chinese phrases here.

Chinese Phrases by Video

To watch Chinese phrases, one after another, watch the entire collection of Chinese phrases found below.  Although these Chinese phrases will get you started speaking Mandarin Chinese, you’ll need to go with a more comprehensive system for learning to use Chinese phrases conversationally. (See below).

Chinese Phrases for Conversation

Then, when you’re ready for conversation in Mandarin, take the time to read the Learn to Speak Chinese series that is free to those with an Amazon Prime subscription.


That way, you’ll not only learn a dozen phrases, but you’ll actually be ready to use Chinese phrases in conversation!

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