Learn Chinese–Easy!

Learn Chinese—Easy: The Complexity

Learning Chinese—Easy?! Learning Chinese can be BOTH simpler and more complex than you ever thought! (If you’re wondering about the impossibility of something being both simple and complex, then you should learn to become accustomed to this sort of confrontation, as it will constantly occur along your journey to learning about a new culture and a new language)!

Learn Chinese—Easy: The Problem

To begin with, we often have the wrong frame of reference for trying to learn Chinese—or any new language for that matter! The problem is that we want to desperately, immediately begin speaking the language without considering how we first began to learn our own native tongue. (Don’t worry, I’m right with you on the learning Chinese NOW part & how to learn Chinese EASY)!

Learn Chinese—Easy: The Consideration

That being said, I hope you’ve already pondering the method by which you learned your first language. What did you come up with? Now, don’t tell me that you came out of the womb speaking! If anything, it was more like crying! But the simple fact is that we never consider all of the years that it took us to learn a language. Truthfully, we need to do much listening first if we ever hope to learn Chinese!

***Learn Chinese—Easy: The Solution***

We must FIRST listen, and THEN learn to speak Chinese. You’ll notice that the students who did well learning the language had some type of environment by which they had exposure to the sounds of the language. Without this, your journey to learn Chinese is going to be SO MUCH HARDER!

Learn Chinese by Video

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Learn Chinese—Easy: The First Step

So, be humble and wise, in taking the first step toward your success in Chinese: Surround yourself with language! Is it on the radio in your car? Do you have the news or a TV program playing in Chinese at home? If not, you’d better get started immediately. The sooner you listen, the sooner you’ll be speaking. (You CAN learn Chinese with ease, if you follow the advice given so it’s easy to learn Chinese).

Learn Chinese—Easy: Taking Action

If you’re really trying to learn Chinese, then I have to ask, “When are you going to begin building the right environment so that you can learn the language?” If you don’t already have friends who speak the language, you’ll want to visit a location where you can hear it all the time! All your incoming media for the next few months has to be in the language if you have any hope of success. Listen, listen, listen, and when your head is spinning, you’ll be just about ready for the next lesson to learn Chinese—easy!


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